Pills and Shots, Health and Heart, Eat or Not to Eat

Clearly article after article has been written advocating for this or that…‘take me’ and you’ll feel better in days, ‘lose weight’ miraculously while gorging on ‘fat’ food; strengthen those aging bones with Boniva…Sally Fields’ does (she also gets paid to be their spokesperson). Suzanne Somers (Three’s Company Fame) takes over 60 vitamins a day…talk about over-load!

Whole families are being deceived by the ‘quick fix’. It doesn’t exist and in our heart of hearts I believe we all know it, which is why so many ‘flip flop’ from product to product…this for that and that for this. Sleeping aids, pills to stay awake, energy additives etc…it’s crazy and it’s NOT healthy (this same excess sent Michael Jackson and Elvis to an early grave).

Look, genetics plays a huge and crucial role in our ‘life’ plans and obviously that has to be considered first and foremost. Have you thought out in detail the ramifications of the ‘synthetic’ effect on your body? Does the ‘pill’ or ‘drink’ offer more than eating balanced will? The many ‘short-cuts’ to good health available on the market today are just a bunch of baloney. I ask you to list all of the persons you know on fad diets, using skin care or anti-aging products, and/or taking synthetic supplements etc. Then ask them what they eat (in real food) and how they exercise. Did you have an AH-HA moment when the culprit to poor health was found out to be none other than ourselves?

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