The Budget Battles: The Threat to Medicaid and Medicare

When will we see our elected officials make decisions that support the elderly in this country? We are currently underfunded in almost every area of healthcare and regardless of the claims made by most insurers that they are NOT making money, it seems more likely that they are just NOT making AS MUCH as they used to. Profits are down because people are living longer and instead of cashing out their policies they have opted to ‘hang-on’ to them…We are in a sad state of affairs when it comes to our seniors….

In an editorial written in today’s NY Times…

Representative Paul Ryan’s proposals to reform Medicare and Medicaid are mostly an effort to shift the burden to beneficiaries and the states. They have very little reform in them.

They certainly won’t solve the two most pressing problems in the nation’s health care system: the relentlessly rising cost of care and the shamefully high number of uninsured Americans — now hovering around 50 million. Mr. Ryan is also determined to repeal the new health care reform law. Never mind that the law would make real progress on both fronts, covering more than 30 million of the uninsured and pushing to make health care delivery more efficient and effective and less costly.



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