Bathroom Safety

I believe most of us try our best when caregiving duties for our parents emerge. And since many of our parents are opting to stay at home…here are a few tips to keep them injury free.

Many times we are not paying attention to those obstacles that may be hazardous to our elderly parents so bring your ‘keen eye’ and let’s review what steps you might take to eliminate some of the bathroom dangers:

Replace a standard toilet with a comfort-height version

Add grab bars in the shower, tub and toilet areas…proactive support saves unneeded injuries from occurring

Replace knob-style faucets with lever-handled faucets.

If your parent uses a wheelchair, replace a standard vanity with one designed for wheelchair use and height

Replace counter tops in the bathroom with rounded-cornered versions…nothing hurts more than banging into a sharp corner

Increase the lighting

Make sure the shower valve is a non-scald version

Add a bench to the shower stall…shaving legs standing up just isn’t that easy after 60!

Replace the tub with a shower and make it a walk-in version

Check the vent fan… is it working properly …mold hazards cause illness among even the healthiest of people

Replace smooth, slick flooring with a more textured tile…there are many options on the market today that have a ‘stick-like’ quality to them…more abrasive so wet feet don’t slip and slide


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