This Isn’t The Person I Remember!

It can be soooo difficult to be in the presence of someone you love and not see any resemblance to the person or the attitude that family member once was or had. And although there can be many challenges to caring for an older person, the rewards are also great. Use your time with your senior parents or loved ones to create special memories…plan an afternoon of reminiscing childhood events, reviewing photo albums, and recording stories of the past…this is a great opportunity to ‘frame’ the family history and pass down something of value to the next generation. If an elder parent has lost their memory and is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and/or has lost control of their basic bodily functions…the caregiver can become overwhelmed and depressed that the person they remember is no longer ‘actively’ present. When this happens, the caregiver, friends, adult children and grand-children must keep in mind that this IS the person they once knew and find a way to embrace the changes; as difficult as it may be. It can help to cherish those small moments of connection, when an unexpected ‘happening’ causes the senior’s smile to light up the room!


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