Aging Signs to Watch For #1

Our lives have become increasingly hectic and in many cases fraught with stress so we can easily lose site of our parents and what might be called their ‘aging needs.’ This week I’ll focus on the ‘signs’ you may want to look for … indications that your parents may be in need of some additional support.  As our parents age, we need to make sure they’re taking care of themselves.  

#1: Observe your parents’ moods…Have you noticed a change in their personality?  When was the last time you asked them (and actually HEARD the answer) how they were feeling?

Talk WITH your parents about their activities. Are they connecting with friends? Have they maintained an interest in hobbies or other daily activities? Are they involved in social organizations, church related activities or clubs?  Take the time to talk WITH your parents and LISTEN to what they are saying.  It may be that your parents are just looking for a little company and you being there to LISTEN will be just what the doctor ordered!

If you notice drastic  mood swings or that your parents outlook on life has become grim this could be a sign of depression.  Stay on top of it and speak to their Doctor or a trusted advisor.  Don’t ignore what could be warning signs.


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