Caregiver Survival Tips

Did you know that caregivers are at the same risk for burnout as nurses, teachers, and air-traffic controllers?

Did you know that the caregiver can get so stressed out that their own health declines?

Does this sound like something you are experiencing?

PLEASE know it doesn’t have to be this way.

Below are a few Home Instead Senior Care survival tips:

Have ‘the talk’ with your siblings before the crisis with Mom and Dad. Make it clear that you cannot do this alone. If the crisis has already happened…hold a family meeting…bring in a neutral professional…your parent’s primary doctor or a social-worker…to act as mediator. This way everyone will be informed of the diagnosis and care plan at the same time…all family members will feel that their opinion has mattered.

Join a support group. Learn from other caregivers, get regular exercise which is vital to better sleep.

Take at least one hour a day to do something that gives you pleasure…a manicure, meet a friend for coffee, take a yoga class. Let your nervous system reset.

Call your local Area Council on Aging and ask where you can take your family member for a respite stay. Rehab facilities often have some beds for the purpose. Under Medicaid, the caregiver is entitled to three or four days away every 90 days.

And most of all…remember you cannot control disease or aging.


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