Hmmmm…The House is Messier than Normal

Make sure you or someone you trust is keeping an eye on what’s happening at your parent’s home. A keen eye and considerate ‘caretaking’ can be helpful in such situations. Ask yourself (and then at the right time) ask Mom or Dad if the daily chores or housework is becoming too strenuous. If the problem is physical and vacuuming and or bending down, climbing stairs or reaching high places has become more of a hinderance it may be time to suggest ‘help’ for your loved one(s). Make sure your conversation focuses on the positive and not the negative…”I was just thinking that you might like more free time for yourself Mom, you’ve been doing chores all your life…how about we get someone do to some of it for you?” If the answer is a resounding “NO” don’t push the issue but mention the same again at a later date when your parent may feel less angst about your suggestion.


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